Pre-Wedding Ceremonies

Mehendi Ceremony (The Henna Ceremony)

Approximate Time: 3-4 hours, afternoon

Recommended Dress Code: Comfortable Indian or Western clothes

Mehendi is one of India's most fashionable exports to the world. In India, mehendi has been prevalent since ages past and is an integral part of the wedding ceremony. Traditionally it is supposed to be one of the sixteen adornments decorating a bride without which her beauty is said to be incomplete. Nowadays, while no one will berate a bride for not having mehendi, it still remains a favourite, and bridal mehendi is very elaborate and intricate. According to popular belief the darker the colour of her mehendi, the more her husband will love her. Good luck Marcus!

At the ceremony, in addition to the bride, all the women from the bride and groom's side also flock around the mehendi artist to get their palms decorated. You’ll want to wear comfortable clothes and have a date handy as well, since you won't have the use of your hands until the mehendi dries!